About the APA

The APA is the world’s largest amateur pool league with more than 270,000 + members competing in 8-Ball and 9-Ball Leagues throughout North AmericaClick here for more information about the history of the APA.
The APA Denver Metro Pool Leagues is owned and operated by Charles Rooney. As part of the nation's first and largest amateur handicapped 8
and 9 ball pool leagues, we have operated continuously in Colorado  since 1989 and nationally for over 25 years. We welcome you to see what over 270,000 + 

amateur pool players around the country have already discovered. Join our APA Pool Leagues today...call our office for more information.

Metro Denver APA 8-Ball, 9-Ball, and Ladies Pool Leagues are divided into Divisions by area. A group of 6 to10 teams in an area compete for approximately 14-week sessions. At the end of the session, the top 3 teams plus a wild card team (randomly drawn from all the remaining teams) advance to the Playoffs. The 1st Place team plays the Wild Card team and the 2nd Place team plays the 3rd Place team. The following week, the two winners play each other to determine the Division Champion. The Division Champions receive individual trophies and the 8-Ball & 9-Ball teams are invited to attend the Tri-Cup Tournament. The 8-Ball teams in a ten team division that finish high point are invited to the Triannual Tournament (if the High Points team wins the playoffs, the second place from the playoffs is invited to the Triannuals). There are 3 sessions a year and you may play in any or all of them. 9-Ball teams starting session summer 07 will also attend 9 ball tri-Cups.

At Tri-Cups(a weekend modified single elimination team tournament), the top 8 finishers in the Spring, Fall, and Summer session Tri-Cups for 8Ball and the top 4 finishers in the Spring, Fall and Summer session Tri-Cups for 9Ball qualify for the National Qualifier Tournament held each June.

 At the National Qualifier Tournament (a weekend modified single elimination team tournament), the top 9-Ball teams receive $money., and the top 8-Ball teams receive $money.($money is: Based on participation of how many teams qualify) all teams that receive money is for expenses.  The top teams are invited to the National Team Tournament  in Las Vegas at the Riviera Hotel and Casino in August, where over $600,000 in prize money is paid out .     For more information on the National Tournament click here.